BBnails LED Nail Gel Starter Kit with TEN colours of your choice

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The Ideal Starter Kit. This great 42watt LED lamp cures in just 30 seconds saving time and comes complete with everything you need to get started including TEN gel colours of your choice.


THE 42 watt UV/LED lamp has a very neat design which fits  your full hand or foot in comfortably.  

It has three timer settings:  30 seconds, 30 seconds and constant low heat setting

Digital countdown and auto sensor

These lamps use the newest technology in curing light which is not harmful to eyes or skin, does not get hot, cures both UV and LED products in super fast time – just 30 seconds per colour coat including builder gels





















BBnails PH bond primer (essential to prevent peeling)

BBnails Foundation Base Coat (15m)

BBnails Top It off Gloss Top Coat (15ml)

Starter bottle of acetone  (50ml of gel remover) with lint free wipes

Buffer block

Wooden orange sticks

180/240 grit nal file

Your choice of TEN Salon Quality BBnails Gel Polishes (large 15ml bottles)

 BBnails is my own branded product inspired by the very popular Harmony Gelish range. I am very proud to put my name to this fabulous product which is a fraction of the cost.

40 Beautiful shades to choose from(please leave a message on check out with your colour choices)

colours au naturel colours blush beauty colours colours of candy colours core collection colours french collection colours glits and glamour colours mysterous mix colours on the bright side colours summer sunset colours twinkle toes colours under the sea colours violet vibez

       BB Nails Gel Polish

  • 15ml large bottles
  • Highest quality guaranteed
  • 50 beautiful colours
  • Easy Soak off formula
  • Suitable for both UV and LED lamps
  • High gloss finish
  • Long lasting colour
  • Money back guarantee

BBnails is a trademark product which is owned by Always Be Beautiful Nails and produced to the very highest standard. After successfully selling other branded gel products for many years I am now very proud to introduce my own.

Love my product or your money back

My colours are inspired by the Harmony Gelish range which I sold for many years and I can honestly say my product is as good but at a fraction of the cost.  PH bond primer, base foundation and gloss top coat also available in the BBnails range.

All orders are dispatched either same day or next day, Monday to Friday by Royal Mail 2nd class postage.

Replacements will always be sent should your order go missing or get damaged.


You will receive a help sheet as follows:


Make sure that your nails are free of any moisture by buffing the top layers making sure that you don’t forget the sides. NEVER use a harsh nail file on the nail bed. (use buffer block supplied with your kit)

Push back your cuticles (soaking in warm water for even a few minutes will help soften the cuticle) then file your nails into the desired shape.

Using a lint free wipe and acetone wipe over the full surface of the nail to remove any excess dust before you begin.

Apply BBnails Ph bond  sparingly over the whole nail bed, (this process dehydrates the nail  making the gel bond for longer)  BBnails Ph bond soaks into the nail after around 30 seconds and does not require curing.


NEW 48w lamp included with these kits 30 seconds per coat

12watt LED lamp cure each coat for 1 minute

36watt LED lamp cure base & top coat for 20 seconds and colour coat for 30 seconds

  • Apply all coats sparingly starting with BBnails foundation base and curing under the lamp.
  • Apply two thin coats of gel colour, (thick coats are not necessary and will not cure correctly and may chip) the first coat of colour may look transparent specially on lighter colours but the second coat will cover. Apply a third coat if a darker shade is required.
  • Lastly apply a thin sparing coat of BBnails top it off sealing the free edge of the nail (brush the top coat across the top free edge of the nail) and cure under the lamp.

Now you have finished and your all dry you need to wipe off the excess sticky that is left by using either a little acetone on a lint free remover pad (these are supplied with your kit) or as I do, use the nail varnish remover pads (you get in a pot) you can use each one more than once and do the job great and also condition the cuticles.  Apply cuticle oil is desired.

Enjoy beautiful colour glossy nails for 2 weeks or more.


You will need 98-99% acetone remover (nail varnish remover will not work)

Remove the top layer of the gel polish using a 180/240 grit nail file until the colour is dull. Do not file down to the nail bed.

Add a small amount of acetone into a shallow dish and soak your nails for approx 15 minutes.

With a wooden orange stick (supplied with your kit) start to push away the gel from the nail  bed,  it should come away easily.  Soak for longer if necessary. Access can be buffed off.

Never be tempted to pick off the gel it will weaken your nails. It is important that you apply cuticle oil over the nail bed after soaking in the acetone to rehydrate the nail.

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