Complete Kit with SUN 9s 24w UV/LED lamp

The 24w SUN 9S lamp included in this kit cures all gels in just 60 seconds.

Choose upto TEN colours from my range of over 80 shades.

Prices start from just £49.99 with 2 colours.


THE SUN 9S lamp has a very neat design which fits  your full hand or foot in comfortably.


 It has three timer settings:  30 seconds, 60 seconds,  and constant (low heat mode)

NEW TECHNOLOGY curing lamps cure all gels faster and harder than ever before for longer lasting results.




BBnails PH bond primer (essential to prevent peeling)

BBnails Foundation Base Coat (15m)

BBnails Top It off Gloss Top Coat (15ml)

Starter bottle of acetone  (50ml of gel remover) with lint free wipes

Buffer block

Wooden orange sticks

180/240 grit nal file

Your choice of upto ten Salon Quality BBnails Gel Polishes (large 15ml bottles)


Full step by step instructions are also provided and I am always on hand to offer any tips & advice.


BB Nails Gel Polish

  • 15ml large bottles
  • Highest quality guaranteed
  • over 50 beautiful colours
  • Easy Soak off formula
  • Suitable for both UV and LED lamps
  • High gloss finish
  • Long lasting colour
  • Money back guarantee

Complete Kit with SUN 9s 24w UV/LED lamp

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