BBnails Curing Lamp 72w

BBnails curing lamp using new techonology curing beads


My highest power lamp at 72w consists of 36 x 2w LED bulbs making its curing ability one of the best available on the market curing in just 30 seconds per coat.


With its small neat curved design and finished with modern rose gold touches it sits elegantly anywhere but still large enough to cure the whole hand including the thumb.


It is compatable with all gel products so whichever brand or product you use it WILL cure with this lamp.


The lights are almost unbreakable made up of tiny beads sunk into the lamp will last the lifetime of the lamp
Auto sensor that automatically comes on when you place your hand/foot in the machine

Large digital countdown timer automatically turns off when finished
Four timer settings of 10 30 and 60 seconds plus low heat mode
12 month warranty included as with all my products




BBnails Curing Lamp 72w

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