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SUNUV 3 48W UV/LED curing lamp

The new technology lamp uses a new duel wave energy of UV365 + LED405 nm so that you can cure both UV and LED gel products with one lamp for the first time. Cures even UV products in 30 seconds including builder gels.

The new way to cure gel polish – the powerful 48w SunUV 3 curing lamp cures gel polish colour in just 30 seconds per coat as well as soak off builder gels at least halfing your time from the traditional LED lamp and more than trippling the time saved on UV lamps which take 2 minutes per coat.

It is compatable with all gel products so whichever brand or product you use it WILL cure with this lamp.
It has a removable bottom plate which makes it easy to cure feet and clean inside

The lights are almost unbreakable made up of tiny beads sunk into the lamp will last the lifetime of the lamp
Auto sensor that automatically comes on when you place your hand/foot in the machine

Large digital countdown timer automatically turns off when finished
Four timer settings of 10 30 and 60 seconds plus low heat mode

UK British Standard 3 pin plug
12 month warranty included as with all my products

SUNUV 3 48W UV/LED curing lamp

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