LED High Power Nail Gel Curing Lamp 36 watt.
This is one of the most powerful LED curing lamps available on the market. 
This lamp cures in just 30 seconds.
It is the same lamp as sold by well known brands but is unbranded hence the fantastic price.
The 18K LED lamp has an auto sensor and three digital timers settings of 5 ,10 and 30 seconds
The bottom plate is magnetic and can be removed for easy clean or use for feet.
It is a full size lamp fitting the whole hand under easily.
This 36 watt LED nail gel curing lamp is one of the best available on the market. It cures salon quality hard in just 30 seconds.
Many customers start with the more reasonable priced UV lamps but once you try the LED lamp you will never look back.
Not only is it quicker but it cures the nail gel harder for a longer lasting more professional finish and would be a great asset for anyone setting up their own business.

LED High Power Nail Gel Curing Lamp 36 watt.