BBnails Products

BBnails is a trademark product which is owned by Always Be Beautiful and produced to the very highest standard. After successfully selling other branded gel products for many years I am now very proud to introduce my own.

Love my product or your money back

Supplied in 15ml large bottles my gel products are suitable for use with UV and LED lamps and are compatible with other quality gel products on the market.

My colours are inspired by the Harmony Gelish range which I sold for many years and I can honestly say my product is as good but at a fraction of the cost. Ph bond primer, base foundation and gloss top coat also available in the BBnails range.

Complete Kits Available

You will find as you are looking through my store lots of Gel Kit packages starting from just £45.00, If however you want to customise your own kit to include other products please contact me, any variation is possible at a budget to suit yourself.

Payment Options

Secure payment can be made with credit/debit card via Paypal banking on check out. No Paypal account is required

Buy With Confidence

I sell quality products backed up with 100% satisfaction guarantee, any problems can and will be sorted to your full satisfaction. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I am here to help.

Please check out and like my facebook page a direct link is showing below. I have regular special offers and weekly giveaways as well as great design ideas posted daily.

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