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Steam Off Gel Removal System
Steam off system removes gel polish in 8-10 minutes and only needs 5ml of acetone saving you time and money.
Are you getting tired of using those foil wraps that take ages and don’t always work?
Introducing the latest in nail technology – the Steam Off Gel Removal System! – The Steam Off is a simple and practical way to gently take off gel polish.
It works by evaporating the acetone inside the steamer’s chamber at a low temperature to create a gentle acetone mist. – The combination of heat and vapour causes the gel polish to soften and lift and slide off the nails easily.
Removing gel polish this way is much kinder to hands and nails, giving a less drying and harsh experience for your skin.
Works with all acetone soluble products including acrylics.

Steam Off Gel Removal System

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