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Shimmer/reflective collection

The full shimmer/reflective gel range.

Buy the set of four shades for just £25.00 for a limited time only


Suitable for both UV and LED

Easy soak off

Long lasting

15ml large bottles

Available in a range of over 80 beautiful colours you will just love.


Fantastic Quality at Fantastic Value

Shimmer/reflective collection

  • Discounts are available the more colours you buy.  Add the colours to your basket and use the following codes on checkout.

    Buy 3 colours and get 1 free - use code 4colours at checkout

    Buy 5 colours and get 2 free - use code 7colours at checkout

    Buy 7 colours and get 3 free - use code 10colours at checkout

  • Buy 10 colours and get 5 free - use code 15colours at check

    Just £5.96 each

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